Admissions Criteria

  • Patients need to be assessed by our clinical liaisons to determine if they are an appropriate candidate who will benefit from inpatient rehabilitation care. Specifically, admission criteria requires that patients: 

    • Be 14 years of age or older
    • Be sufficiently medically stable
    • Require 24/7 medical management by a rehabilitation physician
    • Require at least two therapies, one of which must be physical or occupational therapy
    • Demonstrate the need and potential to benefit from inpatient rehabilitation care
    • Are able to participate in three hours per day of therapy in a five-day period or 15 hours over seven days, tailored to individual needs and tolerance 

    To make a referral, please ask the social worker or case manager to fax the following documentation to (424) 522-7110:

    • History and Physical 
    • Physician and nursing notes 
    • Therapy Notes (including PT and OT) 
    • Medications 
    • Lab Reports 
    • Face Sheet 
    • Imaging Reports

    A California Rehabilitation Institute physician will carefully review your medical records and determine admission based on the medical history and needs; the ability to participate in three (3) hours of therapy and the individual rehabilitation goals.

    For more information, please contact us at (424) 522-7111.



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