Our Billing Process

California Rehabilitation Institute strives to ensure that your hospital bill is processed correctly and in a timely manner. Our Central Business Office (CBO) works with us to gather the information needed to process your claim(s). To assist you in understanding how claims are handled, we offer the following common questions and answers about billing and insurance coverage.
  • How do I know what to pay California Rehabilitation Institute?

    If you are covered by insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid, California Rehabilitation Institute sends the claim for the services you received to your insurance carrier. After we receive the insurance payment, the hospital will send the claim to your secondary insurance company, if applicable.

    After all claims have been processed by both your primary and secondary insurance plans, you will receive a bill for the amount your insurance determined that you owe. Payment is due within 30 days after you receive a bill from California Rehabilitation Institute. If payment or payment arrangements are not made, we will continue to advance your account through our collection process.

  • What if my insurance terminates or changes before I am discharged?
    It is important that you let us know about changes to your insurance coverage or if you receive any mail pertaining to continuing your insurance coverage. We can help determine how the insurance change will impact your benefits for your inpatient hospital stay. By keeping us informed, you may avoid receiving a higher patient balance from terminated insurance.
  • If I don’t have insurance, how will you bill me?
    If you are not covered by a commercial insurance plan, Medicare or Medicaid, you will be asked to make a deposit on your account prior to admission. If there is a balance remaining on your account, a statement will be sent to you several days after you are discharged indicating the current balance due. If payment arrangements have not been established, please contact our customer service team at the CBO upon receiving your statement.
  • Will I receive other bills?

    If your insurance determines there is patient responsibility from your inpatient stay at California Rehabilitation Institute, you will receive a bill for those services.

    In addition, if certain tests or procedures were performed and interpreted by a radiologist, pathologist, cardiologist or other physician, you may receive a separate bill for these professional services. Likewise, if you are transported by ambulance or other similar vehicle for appointments outside of the hospital, you may also receive a bill from the transportation company.

Have questions about your bills?  
Our Central Business Office is here to help.