Rehabilitation in an Inpatient Setting

  • To best meet the complex needs of our patients, California Rehabilitation Institute offers highly focused programs that incorporate effective therapies, technologies and research to advance individual recovery.

    In fact, studies show that an early start to rehabilitation can make all the difference in a person’s recovery. As an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, we initiate a highly integrated approach to care as soon as the patient is medically ready. We coordinate all the necessary details with the referring physician, case manager and insurance provider to ensure a smooth transition to our hospital.

    In our dynamic and supportive rehabilitation environment, patients receive a highly integrated program of care that is tailored to their individual medical, physical, cognitive and emotional needs. Our specialized approach to rehabilitation includes:

    • A physician-led interdisciplinary model of care
    • Management of complex conditions
    • Specialized rehabilitation nurses
    • Evidence-based physical, occupational and speech therapies
    • Advanced technologies and equipment
    • Patient and family education and training
    • Case management services

    Patients at California Rehabilitation Institute benefit from 24/7 nursing care and a minimum of three hours of therapy per day in a five-day period or 15 hours over seven days. Patient progress is carefully monitored and individualized therapy programs are modified accordingly. Our ultimate goal is to work together as a team to help our patients optimize their function and return to home, work, family and community after discharge.

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